About Us

Between the Bolter and Me is a blog dedicated to critically exploring the miniature wargaming hobby, with a primary focus on Warhammer 40,000 and other Games Workshop games. Rather than focusing on rules and competitive play, our priority is to discuss the miniature side of the hobby: examining new model releases, exploring hobby techniques, and talking about our current modeling projects.

Between the Bolter and Me is not the exploits of a single individual, but that of three brothers. We started the blog as a way to explore the aspects of the universe that interested us most, and to ultimately develop our own vision of the 40k setting. One does not spend 15+ years engrossed in something and not develop strong opinions about it. While we have not always been fond of all of the creative directions Games Workshop has taken, we realized it did not really matter, as they have always encouraged people to create their own narratives and rules, and just enjoy the setting they created. So we decided to create this blog to share what we are working on, with the hopes of building the hobby community, and maybe imparting some of our modeling wisdom onto others.

Our vision attempts to infuse some additional realism into the 40k setting, something that is not often seen in a galaxy of Boltguns and Power Armor. Most of our efforts are focused on making more reasonable weapons for our models to employ. Aspects like 1) adding stocks to the guns, 2), making them more reasonably sized (they are often as large as the wielder themselves), and 3) giving them optics/scopes suitable for their intended purpose (our old logo made light if this, depicting a frog throwing away one of the ridiculous high-powered scopes from the run-and-gun style Bolter). In addition to modifying their weapons, we often try to create warriors that are actually armed for battle (with extra magazines, a sidearm, grenades), and not dressed up in something akin to Halloween costumes. This focus on realism is our attempt at refocusing the emphasis back onto the characters themselves (who have motivations, emotions, and ambitions), rather than their weapons.

The original logo for Between the Bolter and Me, featuring our original interpretation of Bishop the frog, removing a scope from a Boltgun.

We hope you enjoy your stay here, and find something that encourages you to start working on miniatures and to explore the universe that surrounds them! In the same vein, we would love to hear from some of you out there.  What projects are you working on? What are your thoughts on some newly released models or games?  And what would you like to see from us?

- Between the Bolter and Me

Contact us: 

Adam Wier (Harlon Nayl)
Avid modeler, reluctant painter.

Eric Wier (Godwyn Fischig)
Modeler, long-time Deathwing player.

Gregory Wier (Wystan Frauka)
Largely leaves the modeling and painting to Adam and Eric. Long-time Space Ork player (remember when they were called Space Orks?)


  1. Though quite naive regarding most of the content, I must say that your title and logo art are phenomenal!