Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Additional sisters painted

By the manner of their death we shall know them.

I am still furiously painting models for my Sisters of Sigmar warband for Mordheim 2019, which is happening in just a few weeks! I am pleased to show the next two finished sisters. They were actually the first two I built for the project and it is awesome to finally see them finished!

I strived to make the different elements of leather on the model look different from one another.

I wanted to include black in her color scheme to tie in with the member of the Choir.

I painted the haft of her hammer to look like wood grain.

The warband is getting closer to completion!

I painted her shield a mixture of different metallic colors, to help represent that she melts down the weapons of her enemies and forges them into her shield, a tribute to the might of Sigmar.

Her book and holy water allowed me to add additional spots of color to the model.

I made sure to pick out her scars with a darker, inflamed pink to show how long she has been in Mordheim.

Four of the seven sisters are finished, leaving only three more to finish. With so little time left, it is going to be a struggle to finish all of the models in time, but I will do my best. Expect to see the Matriarch painted next, her heavy plate mail should contrast nicely with all of the robes and cloth of the other models.

- Adam Wier


  1. They look great. It has been amazing watching all the different warbands take shape. The event will look awesome!!

  2. I've been not following blogs for a bit, came back to check what people have been up to, and am utterly blown away!

  3. Stunning work. I particularly like the Sister with the shield of melted weapons.