Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 18: The Dark Age of Sigmar

The Dark Age of Sigmar.

We begin this episode by talking about the new Age of Sigmar releases, focusing on some of David Waeselynck’s work, the Vanguard-Palladors and the new Slambo. We also discuss the recently released Warhammer Quest game, Shadows over Hammerhal. We then transition into describing how Jake from Ex Profundis started a movement to bring the narrative style of Inq28 to Age of Sigmar, creating AoS28. The Age of Sigmar setting is a veritable blank slate upon which you can explore virtually any creative impulse, without feeling beholden to droves of background knowledge. This has encouraged us to start building a warband of warriors afflicted by an odd crystallizing disease, inspired by the J.G. Ballard novel The Crystal World.

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- Eric Wier


  1. A pleasure to listen to as always. I have been meaning to pick up silver tower for forever but keep putting it off as I have so much on the back burner as it is. Good to hear your thoughts on the newest iteration of Warhammer Quest. Eventually I plan to dabble more in the AoS28 vein..eventually

    1. From what I have played the new Warhammer Quest is great. I really need to get a copy too, as I have just been playing a friend's. I look forward to seeing what sort of stuff you would create for AoS28. The two Outgard models you created would work well!

  2. Great episode. I do like the Paledor if the rider and griffin was separate. The bulk of the stormcast eternal juxtaposed with the agile look of the griffin doesn't mix well in my opinion. I have seen some Tzeentch conversions with these guys that look beautiful.

    One question about the Crystal Forest idea, are there any native inhabitants inside? Or is just the forest only?